About Kreeno Plus

KREENO PLUS (A Counter Fraud Division of KREENO HOLDINGS LLC, USA) is the foremost academically and professionally trained private investigation, protection of asset soluton system in Africa rendering bespoke solutions to private and public organizations across all sectors of the economy by helping in handling all risks associated to fraud, scams, cybercrimes and financial related transactions.


Our independent consultants, free from the internal demands of traditional firms, can focus on the cyber security of your brand.


We champion the cause for innovation in each sector we function in.

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We shall be taking the following cases seriously

Operations on Kreeno Plus

  • Breach of Memorandum of Understanding, MOU
  • Issuance of Dud Cheques
  • Finacial Crimes
  • Advanced Fee Fraud
  • Non - Performance of Contractual Agreement
  • Using your High Office to Manipulate Contracts Decisions
  • Shoddy Deal and Lack of Transparency
  • Embezzlement of Private & Public Funds
  • Diversion of Funds

More Operations

  • Excess Bank Charges from Financial Institutions
  • Issuance of Dishonored Cheques
  • Infrastructural Non-Performance of Construction Contracts (Roads & Projects)
  • Credit Issues With the Banks
  • Crimes and Scams
  • Conflict of Interests
  • Theft of Goods or property by employees of organizations
  • Over Pricing – Profiting At All Cost
  • Employees Background Checks

You are warned. If your case comes up, we will find you out and carry out Integrity Check on you until your credibility is worthless in the eye of the public and no matter your political inclinations, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. We can always initiate transactions that have been carried out for years with no hope of getting judgment and at the end of the day when all parties prosecuting the cases have gotten their fees for the services, a certain success fee goes to keep the expansion of Integrity in Business across nations of the world. Contact The Team on operations@kreenoplus.com