• Corporate Organization needs a private investigator for fraud investigation
  • Insurance company needs a PI for insurance claim investigation
  • Human Resource Company needs a PI for Background Checks
  • Individual needs a PI for missing individual, cheating spouse or secret undercover investigation

Our approach makes us different, we are committed to client first, client last mechanism

Our area of specialization includes

  • Background checks
  • Business and corporate cases
  • Child Custody
  • Computer and internet investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Insurance fraud
  • Infidelity/matrimonial & cheating spouses
  • Surveillance
  • Locate missing persons
  • Undercover
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Work Place Investigation
  • Observations, monitoring and intelligence

We treat as many cases as we can treat as soon as we can

All our clients information are treated with high level of confidentiality.

You will receive your investigation report according to the terms in the contract. We understand that each client may have a unique situation and that is why the terms of engagement differs from client to client, including the report delivery mechanism


Our Cyber Security services includes Cyber Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Security Operation Center & Cyber Security Awareness Training

First, understand that we have two types of companies, those that have fallen victim of Cyber Attack and those that will fall victim of Cyber Attack; Hence, all organizations are at risk of Cyber Attacks.

Yes, our team of experts are readily available to provide you with the most sophisticated cyber security technologies.

You will need a Cyber Risk Assessment before and after a new major technology is deployed.

Corporate organizations need a comprehensive VAPT to test how secured their information system infrastructure is in order to mitigate the risk of falling victim of Cyber Attack.


Asset Protection is a task by a client to protect its assets which can be inform of tangible or non-tangible from human theft, damage or control..

We protect assets such as

  • Fixed Assets in form of lands & buildings, plants & machineries etc.
  • Current Assets inform of Investments, Cash at Bank, Cash at Hand, High Nentworth Individuals
  • Non-tangible Assets inform of goodwill, patent, copyright, tradename, trademark, logo & franchise

You will need KreenoPlus to help you protect your assets from human theft, damage or control

It starts by you giving us complete control over the protection of your assets!


Debt Recovery is a task given to KreenoPlus to help creditor recover their debt from their debtor

Yes, at KreenoPlus we don’t believe in bad debt, get in touch with us to help you recover your debts

Yes, we are trained to help both corporate organizations and government recover their debt from debtors, fine & tax defaulters

One of our core values is that we do not believe in impossibility

We can start recovering your debt as soon as you contract us. So get in touch with us ASAP!


This is a task to Kreenoplus to help client recover assets stolen or retrieve asset that was fraudulently taken from the rightful owner or from the government.

If there are justifiable reason to the fact that the assets were wrongfully collected, they will be retrieved legitimately.

We recover assets such as

  • Looted funds
  • Stolen Assets


KreenoPlus is a subsidiary company of Kreeno Holdings LLC, USA and a sister company to The Elevation College, Nigeria.

KREENO renders the following solutions: - Security, Protection of Assets, Asset Recovery, Debts Collection, Private Investigation, Business Process, Enterprise Development, Cybersecurity, Logistics, Wealth Management, Business Advisory, Education

US Office

30 N Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, Wyoming, WY 82801
Wyoming, USA

Nigeria Office

Kreeno Place
Plot 1, Rufus Ojeagbase Street Off Aberen Road,
Arogun Junction Mowe-Ofada, Ogun State, Nigeria