Our Services

Our Services include, but are not limited to: Asset Recovery, Asset Protection, Private Investigations, Forensic Services, Research, Whistle Blowing etc.

Research Partners

We engage in academic tailored made research meant to give law enforcement agencies, public and private institutions market data trends and analysis for decision making to be effective.

Asset Tracing

Our Asset Tracing and Debt Recovery services engage with individuals, corporations, public sector groups and Governments.

Asset Recovery

Our expert Asset Recovery team provides professional assistance to recover and dispose assets, by loan defaulters so that your organization could go about areas of their core competencies. This service is a preventive mechanism against theft and fraud, loss or damage to your assets.

Debts Collection

Our expert Debt Collection team provides professional assistance to recover unpaid invoices, other assets, unpaid invoice recoveries, commercial debts, credit card debt and the enforcement of debt guarantees. Whether your debtors are in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world, we can help with recovering money and assets due to you and your organization.

Protection of Asset Services

Our expert Protection of Asset Services team provides professional assistance to proactively protect all assets both tangible and intangible ones from possible losses. Our goal of a comprehensive asset-protection plan is to prevent or significantly reduce risk by insulating your business and personal assets from the claims of creditors.

What Does KreenoPlus Collections Has To Offer Financial Institutions

It is said that prevention is better than cure and that is where KreenoPlus comes in to prevent any loan from going bad albinitio. We have a strong position sharing history, knowledge and reputation especially in the energy & gas, solid minerals and SMEs in Nigeria. We deliver when it comes to collecting your outstanding debts, outsourcing your receivables management or guiding you along the route to growth. That's what we do best.

We provide quick, efficient and flexible solutions to recover your domestic & overseas debts successfully. With our extensive worldwide network of over 300 own collection agents and a fully integrated partner network we provide invaluable knowledge of local business procedures and legal requirements.

With our integrated collections management system K+ Social System our office and partners around the world ensures action to collect your debts and can be coordinated from where our customers are based. We will work closely with you to provide a collection strategy that echoes your business character, your trading patterns and your budget and we will keep you in the picture at every stage, from debt placement to successful collection.

We deliver

  • Real expertise in business to business debt & Asset collections
  • An ethical focus in the way we operate
  • Flexible, tailor made solutions
  • First class service and proactive communication
  • Integrated Global collections networks and systems
  • Knowledge of local cultures, markets and languages worldwide
  • Multiple solutions for easy transmitting cases and payments
  • Highly flexible reporting set-up following the legal set-up or functional
  • High transparent success rates globally
  • Single Global/Regional Account ownership

As specialists in business-to-business collections, we have a clear focus on your goals, which enables us to achieve results and help you receive payments promptly, effectively and efficiently. We fully understand that factors such as trust, confidence and clarity are equally important for our customers. This is why all our processes are developed to provide you with visibility and control over an entire collections process we perform on your behalf.

Kreeno Professional Investigation Services

Kreeno Professional Investigation Services in technical partnership with Profile Intelligence is an international investigative and security service division of Kreeno HOLDINGS. We are single-mindedly focused on providing comprehensive sets of threat intelligence and protective solutions to both private and public sector organizations and to millions of individuals impacted across the world. Kreeno Professional Investigation Services combines human intuition and sophisticated intelligence and investigation technologies both online and offline; with the capabilities to identify, analyze, monitor and scan for compromised data, stolen identity, or any other form of threat. Our mandate is to protect people, ideas, systems, and operations with actionable and transferable intelligence.